Two Rivers, WI
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Extreme Advertising
Extreme Advertising
Mobile Marketing Solutions
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REO Mobile Media, LLC
REO Mobile Media, LLC
“We go where your audience goes”

Place your highly targeted message in front of a
captive audience using our 11’ x 6’ high visibility
LED digital billboards!

One of a kind Unique Marketing Tool
Eye-catching – Length: 93’ with trailer   
                  Weight: 72,000LBS
Two brilliant 66 square foot LED screens

Versatile and cost-effective advertising
Multiple formats including static ad
video or animation

Low cost per ad impression  

We MAKE people look!
EYE-CATCHING exposure at...

Major Events
  • Car Truck and Boat Shows
  • Major Sporting Events
  • State and County Fairs
  • Community Events - Parades
  • Political Campaigns

Corporate Sponsored Events
  • Exclusive use trade show attraction
  • Private Company Events
  • Grand Openings

Private Use
  • Birthday Parties, Graduations, etc.